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Financial Transparency

Check out our GuideStar nonprofit profile to see the great work we do for our community. We want to make sure you have the progress updates you need to confidently support our work.

Starting Point takes its responsibility as a steward of donor contributions very seriously. To support our clients and provide advocacy services to victims and survivors of interpersonal relationship violence, the agency budget reflects the following functional expenses:

  1. Direct services: This includes funding for staff salaries and benefits, as well as resources and materials needed to provide services directly to clients, such as shelter, counseling, legal advocacy, transitional housing services, and support groups.
  2. Outreach and education: Starting Point provides community outreach and education to increase awareness about the issue and to connect with potential clients. This category includes funding for staff time and materials for presentations, workshops, and other events.
  3. Prevention education: Starting Point educators engage in prevention work in schools and the community to address the root causes of domestic and sexual violence and promote healthy relationships. Prevention work in schools may involve providing age-appropriate education and resources to students, teachers, and parents about healthy relationships, consent, and warning signs of abuse. This may include classroom presentations, workshops, and resources such as brochures, books, and videos. In the community, prevention work may involve partnering with other organizations and agencies to address systemic issues contributing to domestic and sexual violence, such as poverty, racism, and gender inequality. This may involve advocacy for policy change, public awareness campaigns, and community events to promote healthy relationships and prevent domestic and sexual violence.
  4. Administration and management: This includes funding for general overhead expenses, such as rent, utilities, office supplies, and technology. It also includes salaries and benefits for administrative staff who manage day-to-day operations. Without proper administrative and management expenses funding, Starting Point would struggle to maintain operations, provide services, and comply with legal and financial requirements.
  5. Fundraising and development: Starting Point relies on fundraising efforts to support our work. This category may include funding for staff time and resources for fundraising events, grant writing, and donor relations.
  6. Training and professional development: Starting Point staff need ongoing training and professional development to provide high-quality services. This category may include funding for staff time and resources for attending conferences, workshops, and other training opportunities.